The best and the most valuable among the black truffles because of its intensive flavor. It is mostly round and regular in shape, collected in autumn and winter under oak, hazelnut and hornbeam tree. It is consumed thermally treated.


TUBER BRUMALE – Black winter truffle

A strong and pleasant flavored black winter truffle can be found under hazelnut and linden tree, as well as under oak and poplar tree. Torus is round or irregularly tuberous with rough and warty surface. It grows in period between December and March. It is consumed thermally treated.


TUBER AESTIVUM – Black summer truffle

Slightly milder flavor and aroma than other black truffles, but yet very pleasurable, rounded and pretty regularly shaped. It grows in period between May and December in symbiosis with hazelnut, oak, pine, beech or poplar tree. This sort of truffle is the most present among the gourmands.



The majesty of the Istrian soil, a gourmet treat, an intense scent, an irresistible and divine taste, gold hidden in Istrian forests, in one word – truffle. Hidden under the ground by trees like oak, hazelnut, beech. With the help of specially trained dogs, we find it in the entire Istria, but it is by far the most famous site along the river Mirna in Motovun forest.

The king among the truffles is far known and valuable istrian white truffle – tuber magnatum pico, which can be found between September and January. Istrian white truffle is best to be consumed fresh. In the winter time we find black winter truffles – tuber brumale and tuber melanosporum. Season of black summer truffle – tuber aestivum is from May till September.


TUBER MAGNATUM PICO – white truffle

The highest quality and the most esteemed truffle, growing from September till Januray on marl-loam soils as a symbiont of deciduous trees such as oak, willow and poplar. It is irregularly shaped, can be round, tuberous or compact, ocher colored. This truffle can be found as a very small piece,  but also as a very big one, close to 1 kg. It is best consumed fresh, grated or chopped and it is excellent in the combination with pasta, eggs, meat and fish.


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