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  • Honey with truffles 120g


    Acacia honey enriched with white truffles. Ideal addition for sweet desserts, fruit salads, cakes.
    It goes well with cheese, especially cottage cheese.

  • Porcini mushrooms and truffles 80g

  • Summer truffle slices 80g


    Chopped black truffles preserved in oil

  • Tartufata- truffle sauce


    Made from top quality black truffles and mushrooms, without preservatives and artificial colors, it is great for preparing pasta dishes, eggs and various sauces.

  • Truffles and olives 80g


    The sauce for all olive lovers, enriched with black truffles has a wide application, both for sweet and in savory dishes. It can be easily spread on bread, added in the preparation of bread or cakes and added various spreads.

  • White truffle cream


    The cream made from the most prized white truffles, Granna Padano cheese and cream is great for preparing sauces that go well with meat and pasta, and can also be consumed as a spread on warm bread or toast.

  • White truffle olive oil


    Top quality white truffle oil is a simple addition to any dish to which you want to add a touch of truffles, whether it is an appetizer, main course or dessert.